Souvenirs from the San Blas Islands


Hand-crafted molas from the San Blas Islands.

There shouldn’t be any doubt about what to buy as a souvenir when you visit the San Blas Islands.  Made by hand, these brightly colored molas are the items to pack in your home-bound suitcase.  They make great gifts, great wall hangings, great table coverings.  What better way than to preserve your memories of a visit to the San Blas Islands than to buy something made by its people, the Kuna Indians?

Souvenir is a French word.  It is a token of remembrance; a memento.

Hours are spent on the creation of a mola, this memento of the San Blas Islands.  The people of these islands are incredibly poor.  Should you bargain to reduce the price of this hand crafted memento which took many hours to make?  The simple answer is “no.”  Pay the person who made the mola you have chosen, the price they ask.  Ten dollars probably doesn’t mean that much to you.  It means the world to them.  How long does it take you to earn $10?